Saturday, March 6, 2010

How difficult to have a sensible mind in politic!

MCA has scheduled 7 March 2010 to have its AGM in a Central Committee Meeting held in January 2010.

However, due to the the resignation of the 8 plus 13 central committee members on 4 March 2010, which trigger Article 41 of the Constitution of The MCA, the remaining committee members had at a meeting on 5 March 2010 maintained that the AGM scheduled on 7 March should go on as planned.

Traditionally, the AGM of the BN component party shall be officiated by the BN Chairman, that is PM. However, due to the internal problems at the moment, it's not easy for the PM to decide either to attend or not to attend the AGM of MCA.

Either way will be misconstrued by the MCA members on this matter. Now it's clear that BN Chairman, Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak will not attend and officiate the AGM.

Reading together Articles 33 and 41, the remaining committee members of the MCA has absolute right to administer the affairs of the Party, and they had according to the Constitution decided that 28 March 2010 shall be the date for the EGM and the AGM shall go on as planned.

Articles 33.1 stated that: The General Assembly shall consists of :the members of the incumbent Central Committee. Meaning those who have resigned shall have no right to attend the AGM unless they are: elected delegates in the division, MP or ADUN, MCA State Chairman or MCA Division Chairman.

This clearly doesn't nullify the AGM scheduled on 7 March 2010. Having and attending AGM as planned is just the duty of the central delegates. What is sad is that a tradition has been broken! And this is not a good sign!

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