Sunday, October 12, 2008









Lawrence said...

YB. 如果我是中央代表,我一定支持你竞选中委的。很可惜,我不是中央代表,没有票给你。。最后祝福您能够中选马华中委。

Chuah Boon Seong said...

Lawrence, 谢谢你的祝福, 虽然这个决定是迟了一点, 不过是我认真思考后的决定。

Anonymous said...

Your annoucement is too late. The contest field is too crowded, not easy to win in this kind of scenario. Are you serious in wanting to become CC. Or you are not to do something else ? Your politics at the state level do not seems to suggest that you are that ambitious. I am quite suspicious

Chuah Boon Seong said...

Daer Anonymous,
Thank you very much for your concern.
My decison to contest is a bit late no doubt, but it's with much considerations after receiving encouragements from supporters and friends after the MCA Pahang Dinner 2/10, after the Pahang MCA AGM 11/10.
I decided on 11/10 at night after calling a friend in Penang.(I hope you won't start guessing again who am I calling!)
As a politician, whatever we do, it always attracts attention and may even sometimes let people into a state of guessing.

Pls do not guess or become suspicious of things that we are not sure or just from hear say.(I know it's "natural" to be like that)

I made my own decision to contest and sincerely offering my service to the party at a higher level if it were accepted by the delegates.
I hope you will give me your support if you are voting on 18/10.
I explained to a good friend who called to find out why I made such a decision, it's what I explained as above and what I wrote in my blog.
Thanks you again for your concern.

Anonymous said...
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