Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am not going to tell you how to be happy, or how happiness can be achieved in our daily life.

Happiness is not about owning what you have or achieving what you desire, rather it's about seeing things done in the way you preferred.
That is the situation now in Perak and for the Perakians.

I have a similar experience when I have done something good for my children which I thought they should be happy and thankful for what I have done, but to my surprise, they insisted that those things should be done in the way they preferred.

As a wakil rakyat, the issue of Perak limbo was talked about wherever I go.
There are different opinions. However, most agreed that the people in Jelapang were more than not happy with their wakil rakyat when she left her party and switched support.

I just wonder how she were able to serve the constituents for the remaining years.

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