Friday, December 28, 2012

My Christmas Celebration

25.12.2012 My Christmas Celebration

Christmas is celebrated all over the world! Me too, celebrate Christmas and with a special group of Christian friends! Siew Lin went with me to the Church!

I was invited by the Tamil Methodist Church at Kampung Baru Mentakab on the Christmas day to celebrate Christmas with some Indonesian friends of Christian faith. 

Pastor Steven, Mr Rajah and Mr Victor from Kuala Lumpur were present.  

Before the ceremony started, I enjoy listening to the soothing music from the piano playing in the praying hall.

Among the guests, they are some foreign friends of Indonesian Nationality and of Christian faith from different tribes present to celebrate the Christmas together. They are from Kupang of West Timor, Manado of Sulawesi and Jawa. The atmosphere was joyful......

I noticed that during the presentation, a lady was dripping tears when singing......

The guests were served with variety of foods prepared after the ceremony. 

Our Indonesian friends came all the way and stay here in the pursuit of happiness and trying to make for a decent living.  

I felt very delighted that I was invited and be with our foreign friends celebrating a special Christmas day!

May God bless them all!

Cake Cutting Ceremony to mark the starting of the Christmas celebration

Pastor Steven Giving speech

Mr Markus, Master of Ceremony

Praising God singing

Talented youth with their guitars

Bible reading

Giving away presents and souvenirs ...