Friday, April 4, 2008

NST picture by Halim Mat Ali

The launching of NST School Sponsorship Programme in SMK Mentakab on 3 April 2008.
NST has a report.

Present at the ceremony were PIBG Chairman En Musa, The PIBG Advisor Dato Ng Leong Hai and the Principal.

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fadhirul said...

hi mr chuah boon seong,
I'm from mentakab,
before this i was studying at smk mentakab before I further my sutdy at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Smk mentakab is a perfect school at mentakab but i think they should have their own website because ex-student like me really want know about latest news from our former school.
I hope Mr. Chuah can tell them about my suggestion
Thank you very much.....