Friday, March 20, 2009

Petikan daripada satu laporan BERNAMA:

Estet-estet di Temerloh dan Cameron Highlands adalah antara lima kawasan yang menpunyai insiden bunuh diri yang tinggi dalam negara.

"The Ministry of Health has identified three very high risked groups to suicide, namely the young people (between the age of 15 to 25), senior citizens and plantation community.

"The plantation community is a closed community and there are a lot of chemicals available. For this outreach work, we collaborated with a chemical company as their chemicals were being used for suicide. We also worked with the National Union of Plantation Workers (NUPW)," said Gandadara.

The Health Department, he said has identified five estate areas as high risk to suicide cases -- Kulim (Kedah), Telok Intan (Perak), Temerloh and Cameron Highlands (Pahang) and Bahau (Negeri Sembilan).

"Many of these people do not have the means to contact us. We actually trained the representatives of the estates as para-counsellors to look into the emotional needs of their respective community.

"We have been reaching out to these plantation communities since 1996 because of increased number of suicides taking place there. So far we have done 15 sessions in different parts of the country," he said.

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