Friday, November 13, 2009

Punish MCA trio for unforgiven political crime

By Koh Teng Gee

Ong Tee Kiat was so confident of beating the vote of no confidence pass against him in the Oct 10 EGM that he publicly declared that he would step down even if he lost by a simple majority. As it turned out, he lost by 14 votes.

It was reported that this was due to the 'Third Force' who wanted both Ong and Dr Chua Soi Lek out. I believe in Ong's case, his trusted leaders that had played him out by voting against him.

Liow Tiong Lai must have seen the opportunity to take over the leadership the moment Ong made his statement to step down. Hence, after the outcome was known in the EGM, he didn't waste time in having a secret meeting with his trusted supporters to force Ong to step down as promised.

It was reported that at the central committee meeting, Chiew Mei Fun stood up to make a call for Ong to step down to start the ball rolling to put pressure on Ong.

Knowing the kind of man he is, I believe in a different situation, Ong would have done what he said. However, when he knew that his trusted friends had backstabbed him and plotted to topple him, he didn't step down as promised.

The MCA's constitution requires a two-thirds majority to oust the president. Although his integrity was dented, he did the right thing by not stepping down. Had he done so, he would have to resign as a transport minister.

Liow, as president, would have to reward his two trusted supporters in Wee Ka Siong and Chiew Mei Fun. It was rumoured that Wee was to be minister of transport and Chiew the minister of tourism.

The consequences would be disasterous as Wee is allegedly linked to Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) matter. He would do all in his power to reduce the damages to BN politicians who were involved in the PKFZ scandal. The whole truth of the scandal will be lost forever.

As for the ambitious Chiew, it is unthinkable that she would replace her former boss, Dr Ng Yen Yen, who has done an excellent job as the minister of tourism. Can the public accept a non- elected person to replace an elected one?

Chiew lost the the 2008 general election while Ng won. For her involvement in the plot to topple the MCA president, she will be disliked intensely and I hope she will never win in any of the general elections to come.

I sincerely hope that the MCA members will punish this trio for their unforgiven political crime. Can the MCA accept people who backstabb their friends? I hope Ong will take steps to drop the three from their cabinet posts.

Let there be an MCA AGM to carry out elections for all posts. The identities of the Third Force are now exposed. Unfortunately, they include some of Ong's trusted friends.

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