Friday, May 22, 2009

A bad neighbour!

We are living in a civilise society, many will agree with me.

However, sometimes, we just come across some people who are just uncivilise and inconsiderate of how others feel.

Just imagine, if you have a neighbour who will build a Great Wall (of China))on the roof top(which the neighbour may think that is nice to look at) or grow a tree on the roof top(for whatever reason).

It's alright if you do all these on your house in a piece of land in the jungle you own or having a bungalow lot(that also you need approval from the authority), but staying in a terrace house in the town and still doing all these?

Look at the pictures below, it should not take too long for the authority to take stern action against the house owner.

A neighbour who close-up the front part of the building. Imagine if you were staying next door!

Building Great Wall on the roof top

Planting a tree on the root top beside your house

A close-up - tree at roof top

The roots get into the door frame of other people's house

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