Sunday, May 3, 2009

19th Community Service Project by INTI College

19th Community Service Project INTI College closing ceremony was officiated by YB Dato Saifudin Abdullah, Deputy Miniter, Ministry of Higher Education at SM Hwa Lian Mentakab.

Earlier on 27th April 2009, the opening ceremony was officiated by YB Dato Hoh Khai Mun, Pengerusi JK Kerajaan Tempatan, Alam Sekitar dan kesihatan, Kerajaan Negeri Pahang at MCA Cawangan Kg Baru Mentakab.

This activity is co-initiated by STACT Club of INTI College and the office of Mentakab State Assemblyman. The main organiser were MCA Mentakab New Village Branch, Mentakab New Village Committe for Security and Development(JKKK Kg Baru Mentakab) and Parents Teacher Association SM Hwa Lian(PIBG SM Hwa Lian).

The main objective of this programme is to create awareness among residents from rural areas on the importance of tertiary education

During both the opening and closing ceremony, all the foster parents, together with the student participants from the INTI College were present.


Some activities on 2/5/2009

"My family": (from left) Szeqi, Zien Thak, Siew Lin, Me, Xueqi and Cheah Mern

Lighting the camp fire 2/5/2009

All stand when singing the Negaraku during the closing ceremony officiated by YB Dato Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Minister Ministry of Higher Education 2/5/2009

Group Photo with Dato Lai Thin Watt after the Camp Closing Ceremony @ SM Hwa Lian Mentakab 2/5/2009

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