Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gamblers should die

If one can’t stop the addiction, and have no money to pay the debt, just die. We don’t need people like this, we need to move on.

This too, will stop the debate once in every 4 years about legalising sports betting.

How about the affected family you ask? The government can afford to look after them, but with condition that the gambler must DIE. His/her choice.

Seriously this whole idea/drama must have been raised by the deputy minister, an avid gambler himself.
Everything also must gamble, how about I bet when you’ll lose?

Just a response:

Although I pick up this piece now, it has been there for more than a year! The idea is ......very interesting!

Everyone dies eventually because life itself is a gambling game and we are gamblers! We make choices, sometimes on our own, sometimes not! Sometimes you win, most of the time you lose. When you win, you say you are lucky, actually you make the right choice; when you lose, you say your luck is bad, actually you make the wrong choice and ......there are always some forces behind us all the time, you can name it whatever you want.....

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